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My ghad.

This week was both long and short. Long, because the time I would cover for scanning seemed to be endless. Short, because there seems to be not much time in a day to do all my work.

But at least today, the person for scanning came back so I wasn’t too pressured.

But I had to leave early for work because I need to go to Crash Champion t get my headlights fixed. Unfortunately, I had problems because the one I have isn’t original so they can’t proceed. It’s so dumb if you ask me. But at least it’s okay for then for us to purchase it and they’ll just reimburse us. Sighhhhh.

Then after that, we went to Sam’s to buy some supplies. We ended up buying so many stuff and now we’re broke. Lol! Coz my brother wants to buy everything without a care for budget! So annoying.

And as if we haven’t spent enough, he wanted to still go to TJMAXX! And I ended up buying more stuff! But it’s okay coz I was able to buy a new backpack! I need one for my Japan trip next month anyway.

And of course, I still have to cook baked salmon and out away stuff and do laundry and vacuum and fold clothes and ermegerd. I’m just so beat.