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You Can’t Have Everything

In Everyday,Life,Personal,Rant on April 6, 2013 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , ,


Just when I thought I have everything figured out, I’ll realize that I can’t have everything…

It’s just incredibly disappointing how I won’t be there for the bestfriend’s wedding the whole time next friday. Apparently, we were told during class yesterday that we would have our panel next week to discuss our final project for Porprex. It shouldn’t be a big deal really coz the bestfriend’s wedding is in the morning (although I would have to ditch two of my other subjects but OH WELL) giving me enough time to go to school. and attend my important class.

It’s just that, we were told all of a sudden that our presentation would be around 2:30ish and I mean…



Don’t they know the importance of this event where I get to attend my bestfriend’s wedding?! Don’t they have any bestfriends?! I mean… they seriously messed up all of my plans that day!


Oh well, towel.

I guess shit do happen but I won’t let that destroy such a beautiful-once-in-a-lifetime event, not just theirs, but in my life as well.

HAHA, so the drama but that’s really how I feel. Kekekekeke!

But I’ll be there no matter what so wait for me for nothing can stop meeehhhh~