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World Is On Halt.

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Aren’t you scared waking up and reading what’s happening in the world?

‘Coz everyday, especially since the beginning of the month, it’s been crazy out there. With COVID19 cases just gaining in numbers, it just seems so hopeless. Everywhere in the world, they’re battling this new strain of virus. And since the elderly and people with underlying conditions are most susceptible, it makes you fear the unknown even more. Especially me who lives with both my senior citizen parents…

And what’s worst, is the fact that your livelihood is seriously at stake. (on top of everything, right?)

Last Friday at work, our President and Vice President, gathered everybody so we can have a huddle (everybody were wearing a mask and we have space in between).

They were straight with us and told us the reality we’re in. Just like what we’re feeling, everything seemed so uncertain to them. They’ve never experienced something like this so they are unsure how to deal with it but to keep themselves informed and tread the water day to day.

That said, we were informed last Friday that Illinois will implement a shelter in place order. It is a step to combat the spread of COVID19. So with that, a lot of Dental Offices were ordered to close down for about 2 to 3 weeks.

And since we are a dental lab, we are directly affected by this. Without cases from the Dentists, we wouldn’t have any work. So whatever load we have, which isn’t much, won’t be enough to employ a full house of technician.

So it was with a heavy heart that our VP told us that we would have to be asked to stay at home until we get more work. And they honestly don’t know how long this will last… They are aware that this is something that will really affect us in ways that they can’t even imagine but that’s the reality of it.

So now, we’re in limbo… Ugh. I really hate this.

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