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Too Long

In Fandom,Life,Personal on October 13, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , , , , , , ,

Ugh. I can’t believe this. This is the first time I’m not gonna see R for 2, or maybe 3 weeks and it’s not because of me. Usually, the reason why we can’t see each other is because I’m traveling or I have a family thingy somewhere in the globe.

I’m always the one having a plan.

This time, we can’t meet coz he’s getting his wisdom tooth extracted and with the healing time after that, we are anticipating that he’ll be too weak to drive to and from his house to mine.

I said I’ll just uber to his house if I have to but he is determined not to let me waste money like that. Unfortunately, I still can’t drive by myself to get to his place and with all the road constructions? No, even worst scenario for me to even attempt to undertake.

And this is soooo weird. Ugh. I hate to admit it but imma miss him :c

I hope the healing time for him would be quick tho and we don’t have to wait more than 2 weeks to see each other…

On a different note, my BoA bluray CD just came in the mail!!!! My ghad, I was so shocked how fast it came! I was so used waiting for at least a month from anything I order from Japan so this was such a pleasant surprise! Plus, BoA looked so fabulous in here. Ugh!!! Another special concert CD to add to my collection! Slowly but surely, I’ll be able to order all of them!