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Oh No You Di’int!

In Life,Personal on February 26, 2013 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , ,

Something funny happened earlier that I had the need to blog about it.

So, I just finished taking a shower. After I finish all my ritual, I went downstairs to hang my towel inside the bathroom. And then the brother was giving me the look and was even clicking his tongue, totally annoyed. So I screamed at him, asking him what his problem was…


Lexie: So ano nanaman ang problema mo diyan?
Allan: Eh maliligo sana ako eh!
Lexie: Excuse me pewo naligo na kaya ako!
Allan: Bakit ganon, parang hindi ka naman mukhang naligo!




Was he just implying I look horrible, unappealing and smelly?! Of course I didn’t leave the scene without giving him a punch as a revenge for his insult! HAHA!


Oh damn. Now I feel really incredibly sad… I won’t be having these cute bickering with him for a long, long time from now on… I can’t believe the brother will be leaving for the States in less than a week. Oh my ghaaaaddddd… I miss him already :c It seems like there wasn’t enough time to be with him. It’s seriously depressing :c

Oh well, towel…

I guess that’s how life is. It’s so unfair. But I sincerely wish everything will turn out fine. For him, for me, for everybody else :3