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We Need To Escalate It.

In Life,Personal,Rant on January 9, 2019 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , ,

For more than a year now, I’ve been complaining about this certain coworker (and yeah, it sucks that she still hasn’t quit!!!!).

She’s just… terrible in every way. She’s a slow learner, she gets irritated when the system is slow, she complains about the people and with all that, she blames everybody else instead of probably, iuno, look at herself coz maybe, SHE IS THE PROBLEM.

I’ve worked for the company for more than 3 years and I’ve never been in any conflict with anybody. I dare say I’m one of the best worker out there. And then she came along and all she does is harp all these bad things about me.

I mean sure, I get irritated by her. BUT MY GHAD, it’s because she asks a lot of questions and can’t think for herself! She can’t understand her job!!! It’s been more than a year and she’s sometimes more confused than anything. That said, I can’t help being frustrated!

I try to limit talking to her either. Unless she asks for help, somebody asks me to help her or to pretty much fix her problem.

But the little shit is just so ungrateful!

Like yesterday. As soon as I got in, she told me that there’s a lot of cases on hold on DD coz of the Medit scans. I wasn’t even scanning anymore when we got that, okay? So I really don’t have a lot of clue about it. I could try and troubleshoot tho.

So I told her, around 7ish, to scan a case. It’ll be a new file, a new scan, on a different day. I asked her specifically to tell me when it’s done scanning so she can bring it up to me so I can test it before we send the other eight items back to DD. I took this route because if we send everything to DD and it’s still problematic, then we’ll lose several hours just for DD to determine if the scan is okay or not.

But of course, this little shit sent everything to DD without telling me! If she was able resolve the issue by calling at tech support that’s why she sent it to DD, she should’ve told me. It’s logical. Because here I was, waiting for the case to be scanned so I can check it out when it’s actually been fixed!

So when she gave it to me at 1030am, I told her that I don’t need anymore because the cases are okay anyway (meaning, the problem was fixed). And I was still explaining why I don’t need it when she turned around and walked away. I told her I’m not finished talking yet and she was like ‘you’re impatient’.


This little shit took almost 3 hrs to scan a case you can finish in less than 30 mins and I’m still impatient??? Like bitch, you asked me for help! It’s not my problem that you can’t understand instructions. Ugh.

So I was venting out a lot to my manager.

And then today, my CAD boss talked to me and told me that that little shit was crying and telling her nobody was listening to her and me and the digital specialist are being bossy LIKE WHAT THE FUCK!!!!

It’s not my problem that she doesn’t know her shit, can’t solve problem, can’t be accountable with her job, and just being so indecisive about setting up cases. Somebody has to step it. Somebody whk can try and solve her problems.

And with that, I’ve become the bossy person. The fuck right? I prolly could be bossy, but only because she’s useless. That’s why the CAD manager said that I’m not bossy. I’m just confident. Because I know what I want and needs to do. BOOM!

Another ridiculous thing that she said about me was that I slam cases on her desk like… ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS??? Every hour of everyday I spend the day in the lab, there are people all around who could see if I do such thing. Because I don’t. The closest thing I’ve ever done maybe, was to rattle pans on her desk to get her attention because this little shit can’t hear shit with her high volume earphones!!! Both, stuck in her ear! We call her name several times and no answer, even if you’re beside her. So there. That’s why I rattle the case to fucking get her attention.

Ghad. I have so many things to tell about her even after more than a year because ughhhh! She’s so terrible!

So now, K thinks we need to escalate this to the VP because he’s the one protecting her. So many times, K wanted to fire her but she got the VP’s sympathy.

But I was clear, to K and the CAD manager at least, that I’m done with her and I really don’t have the heart to adjust to her immaturity (she’s at least 40 years old) coz I’m not tolerating such shitty behavior. If that’s you call mean, then so be it. Ugh.

(And nope, I did not edit this post. Haha!)