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Review: China Rich Girlfriend

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I was a little bit generous and gave the novel a rating of 3 stars only because I was a little interested with the side stories, Astrid’s and Kitty’s.

Astrid’s story was a little dark and I was so afraid for her because Michael became such an evil person. Reading about her ‘abusive’ marriage with Michael gave this story a little bit of a relatable aspect coz everything else was about grandiose stuff (it gets old after a while).

And Kitty’s story was intriguing! How she got her money. Her relationship with Bernard. Her journey to be accepted in the society. Her dynamics with Corinne was good too, I think. Corinne was honest and straight forward with her (even if her ulterior motive was to get Kitty as a client). And Kitty’s naïveté just gave the two of them more depth and funny moments. And I can’t believe that the novel actually ended with her! Kitty Pong!

You would think that Rachel and Nick was not even the main characters in the book which, to be honest, was my exact feeling about the whole thing. It feels like their story was the most boring. I read more about Collette than Rachel. The author gave her a maximum 1 page highlight, during her showdown with Collette, in that 500+ page book. Haha!

And Nick. What did he even do? He’s like a wallflower who was kinda really useless and insignificant compared to the other characters. Even in the first book, he didn’t really do anything.

After I read the third book, I can finally move on to better stories.

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