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Because Assumptions Can Kill You

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“Sometimes your biggest mistake isn’t falling for them, it’s thinking they fell for you too.”

And the only thing I can say about that would be — I’ve been there.

Sucks right?

Every little aspect about that person, you misunderstand into being something else. How every gesture means something more… That although any verbal agreement hasn’t been said, even for ONCE, you repeatedly tell yourself that it is what it SEEMS to be… Completely disregarding any factors that would shatter your own expectations.


Because you are blinded by your own foolish assumptions. Afraid of the cruel reality of the situation. Because deep down, you desperately want to protect that fairy tale you yourself created. The truth is, there was never such a thing. Happily ever after just doesn’t exist between the two of you. And facing that kind of rejection is painful

According to John Sales, ‘Assumptions allow the best in life to pass you by.’

And I agree. Assumptions drag you down. You start to only focus on that one uncertain ‘truth’ you’ve been polishing, and forget the world around you. In a way, you are missing out on life…

It’s so sad…

I’m only lucky that I was able to face a rude awakening for me to realize all this, else, I’d be stuck in that same pathetic fantasy I myself created. That fantasy that would have eventually destroyed me.

To be honest, there’s no point clinging to that kind of connection. Surely in the end, every little disappointments would have it’s own purpose. And I’m sure, it’ll be for a much bigger cause.

Just as long as you’re brave enough to face the ugly truth that is :3

– – –

Fast Fact:
If a man has a sexy body, he is automatically 10x more attractive to me. Haha! Perv!