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It Left A Bad Taste.

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Because I worked at a retail, I know just how hard it is to deal with difficult clients. They’re just the most terrible.

That’s why I try to be very understanding when it comes to their position.

But also, as a person who worked in that kind of customer-service-centric work, I know that it’s my number one duty to placate seething customer and always apologize for whatever inconvenienced them to not escalate the situation.

It’s not the best feeling in the world but guess what, that’s the job.

But today, I was just really upset by how this third party company is handling our cases, especially this one customer service agent.

Ever since Erin started in that company we employ, which was several months ago already, she never really built a rapport with any of us in the lab. She’s very bland, cold, and not the best person in the position.

So, I had this case that’s been with them since yesterday. I’ve repeatedly told them what we wanted. Detailed it in text form nd even sent pictures to better help them understand what we want. But each time, maybe 6 times just today, they gave us wrong or incomplete designs!

And this Erin, instead of apologizing and trying to contain this mess, started shifting the blame to us. Telling me that I should’ve ‘talked’ to her first before doing anything about the case.

Like, wtf.

I was obviously pissed off and she’s trying to blame me for all the mixed up?

So I told her that there’s not always anybody readily available to chat with us, they don’t really respond to our emails, they don’t read the instructions and something else, and the lady, the audacity for her to tell me that she’s just a messenger and that I was being ‘rude’ with her.


First of all, they are the face of their company. I have no one to vent but her. Secondly, as a customer service agent, that’s not the attitude she should be displaying to a customer. She knew how messed up that case became and instead of a simple apology for the inconvenience they are causing, she said that.

I was fucking upset.


I actually sent the transcript of our convo and I’ll re-read it again just so I can be mad again. Hahahaha!

But yeah. She has no idea how to handle clients. I don’t think she even knows what her job is supposed to be. It was wild.

But when she replied to me with that. It did leave a bad taste in my mouth. Now I can’t stop thinking about it and now I feel a little bit of regret…

No matter how badly they handled their job, I shouldn’t have went off like that. Even if they are seriously compromising my job coz I need to get the case going efficiently. Sigh.

I wish I have more patience… but with how busy and overworked I am, it’s kinda hard to always keep composed. Sighhhhh.

I need to be a better person that this.

Lord, give me strength.