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Bangkok Next Year

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My Dad called because he needed to ask what’s our zip code number (- __________-). My Dad is funny, he lived roughly 23 years in Cavite and never bothered knowing our full home address…

ANYWAY, he just called to ask me our zip code and update us about my brother’s documents for his interview. OMIGOD! Everything’s happening so fast and I’m so sad :c

Well, our conversation didn’t really last long since he needed to call my aunt again but before that, I reminded him about my Bangkok trip with my friends next year because whether he likes it or not, he is gonna finance my travel. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

And my Dad was like, “I’m paying for your trip?”

And I was like, “Oh no no no no Daddy, you are not gonna ditch your precious daughter. YES,¬†YOU ARE GONNA PAY FOR IT. You kinda don’t have a choice, really.” (because I don’t have a choice but to cling to you since I’m dirt poor and I’m unemployed.)


Oh well, I can’t be bothered with that. Dad will not let me down, I can feel it in my bones. LOL!

Just so excited :3

Kyah!!! It better not be during an important school meeting whatnot coz I’m ditching that shit! HAHA!!!

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Fast Fact:

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1. Personal Drawings

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5. And my intense hate for cockroaches. Oh gawd… DIE DIE DIE DIE!!! I want to annihilate you from the face of the Earth! Oh gawd!!! burn in hell!!!!!