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Turn Off

In Life,Personal,Rant on January 3, 2013 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , ,

My first post for the year and already, I’m gonna rant away.

Oh well.


Once upon a time, my friend tried to introduced me to her friend. I was hesitant at first but what the hell right? So I started texting this guy almost everyday until he faded away for no apparent reason. It’s only been a month. And then so randomly, he would text. I’ll be nice and reply back coz aside from disappearing without a concrete reason whatsoever, he haven’t done anything to make me eternally pissed off.

Until today.


Again, we haven’t been talking for months (I think the last was in October). But today, I decided to message him. I remembered him actually coz earlier today, we were going to Bulacan, his hometown. We exchanged light hearted conversations and I was actually having fun. We even reached to the point where he asked me if I would favor a meet up between us. I don’t mind so I said yes.

So our conversation moved on to possible places we could meet up. I suggested Megamall so it’ll be halfway for both of us. He’s fine with the idea and in fact, he was working along Ortigas. I got a bit excited coz it’s favorable for me and I told him it was cute. The fact that he worked there. To better get what I am talking about, let me just quote the reply I sent him:

Haha, Ortigas pala ikaw ΓΌ cute! 
Actually di rin ako magtagal ng megamall sa sat 
at punta kami bahay friend ko. 
Natawa lang ako na dun ka pala. Haha!

After that innocent statement, he went on telling me how I called him cute when I was just referring to the fact that it’s cute that he works at Ortigas (plain and simple. the truth). I admit that the construction of my statement was a bit confusing (since I’m talking fanurl) but to get so worked up coz I didn’t acknowledge he was cute was I think, over the top?


I mean, who cares for trivial stuff like that! So petty! So immature! So wtf moment! I was taken aback. He was worst than a girl on her period!!!! And to further elaborate on that, here are just some of the responses I got from him just coz I was correcting him about my former “cute” comment that wasn’t intended for him.

Hmp.. che.. ge bahala ka na lex..
Ako pa bully, mag-isa ka nga.

I haven’t even included everything. But pretty much, he’s acting like a baby. I was shocked though that I wasn’t biting his ass and in fact, dealt with the situation so calmly. A few hours later, I decided to check on him. Maybe he’s feeling a little better from all the drama he was throwing at me earlier.

Lexie: Uy, gabi na, galit ka pa ba sakin?
Ian: Hu u?
Lexie: haynako Ian, ewan ko sau



Please tell me I have no reason to get angry at this coz I am seriously raging right now!!!!!! Like, DAFUQ! we spent the whole morning talking and you’ll be an asshole and ask me who I was?! Like you freakin’ damn dipshit! Are you for real coz I really can’t handle a baby right now. Oh gawd… I usually have a lot of patience with people who are my friends because I always give them the benefit of the doubt (and I never want to destroy a budding friendship with people I meet as of late) but you, sir, clearly don’t deserve it.

If you’re trying to be an asshole with me right now, I’ll be more than happy to return the favor. Oh wow, I cannot believe this. I am so cutting you!

I like sensitive men but you are too much for me to handle. It sucks that I had to hate you instead of befriending you. It really is sad… But it’s better than having you ruin my mood all the time. I’m glad I was able to see this side of you earlier before it’s too late. LOL.