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Dancing With The Stars — Korea

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Let us all pause and appreciate this Rumba routine Hyoyeon had to accomplish for last week’s episode of Dancing With The Stars:




How many times have I already watched this for me to still spazz like some lose retard?!!!???!?!??! But ugh! This routine is so beautiful!!! Like from they first walked the stage… The look they both shared… The way they came close to each other. The way he touched her… The way she touched him, bare on the chest… I was like seriously having spasms from all the spazzing!!! HAHA!!!!

I don’t care if we never knew of this guy’s existence until recently but I already ship Hyoyeon and Hyungseok so baaaaadddd!!!! I do think they have chemistry. Especially the way Hyungseok handles Hyoyeon’s choding side… And Hyoyeon definitely enjoys her time with him.

And I think I said this before, but the fact that this guy actually embodies Hyoyeon’s ideal qualities for a guy (good at dancing, no double eyelids, nice smile) is like a plus plus PLUS!!!!

For this particular episode too, I can’t hide my admiration for Hyoyeon. I was monitoring SM Town’s activity from when they left Korea, the actual concert at Honda Center and San Jose, to when they came back. And I’m not kidding, I think as soon as Hyoyeon got back, she went straight to practice with Hyungseok!!! Actually, she was even wearing her clothes from the airport to this episode’s recording. WOW. This gurl doesn’t even have time to rest! And let’s not forget she also have a taping for Invincible Youth. According to some Hyohunnies, Hyoyeon prolly practiced for DWTS for about 2-3 days only.

And look at her amazing Rumba skilzzzzzz!!!!! I think I just died a little…


I know it’s just dancing but I need a subbed version for all DWTS episodes (Hyoyeon cuts)… I hope a kind heart would do so very, veryyyy soon!!!!

Oh… my heart….!!!

*dies again*

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Fast Fact:

I once dreamed of being a seiyuu. And I practiced reading with emotion using my first ever graphic novel, Ayashi no Ceres Volume 1. Unfortunately, my voice is so ugly that any dubbing agency would turn me down just as easily as I enter their office :c