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Fridate Update

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Oh ghad. This is not as if it’s my first time dating coz I did it quite a bit in my younger years and also, I’m an adult pushing to 30 and yet, of course, my relatives just has to make it awkward. 

My aunt called and told me, for Brett, to wait for her coz she wants to meet him. It’s no problem at all but it’s just… Ugh. Why would you embarrass me in that way? It’s just… It’s just really embarrassing. I don’t even know how to explain my feelings… Good thing he’s cool about it and told me it’s just natural to meet them first so they don’t think he’s stealing me or anything so he did exactly that. And I admit that I really appreciate the fact that he’s so chill about it. 

Anyway, he texted me that he was already at our place but I guess he got the wrong house so I had to wait for him a little bit. He found the correct house the same time my aunt was pulling over to the driveway so they met face to face after all. Brett had to suffer a quick interview before we left in his freakishly awesome car! A 2 door, sports car black corvette (stingray?)! Fak! It’s so bling bling I didn’t even know how to freakin open its door! Damn. 

Welp, after that fail moment, we went ahead to go through our agenda. He planned the whole night for the both of us. Which was so weird coz dudes usually leave it to me what we will do for the day so I really appreciate the effort, too. 

So well, first, he went with me to buy some funky shoes at the mall. This is for the upcoming dance thingy we’re attending on the 31st. Despite the uncooperative weather (it was raining! Blessing?), we were able to have a good time looking while having a flowy conversation with each other. He really helped me out picking out shoes! Actually voicing out his opinionsabpit the item! Unfort, we weren’t really finding anything nice until we took a shot going to Macy’s and finding this cool shoes from Guess! It was like it was destined for me coz we didn’t think those kinda shoes exists there (most of the displays were dressy shoes)! And it was the last pair, in my size! It was also on sale so it was just meant to be!

After that we went to H mart. The few times I’ve been there, i never saw a nude pepero but for some reason today, it was there! So i bought a lot! Happy happy!

And then dinner! We had awesome Mexican food at Cozymel and ghad, it was really good!!! We talked nonstop about kpop! It’s a good feeling to find someone who you can talk to about this stuff and not judge you and he seems to really know his kpop so that’s good. I think we would’ve talked a lot more if only the place wasn’t closing soon. But it was a great night over all. 
But before I end this post, lemme just tell you that while we were talking about our online username, he kinda mentioned the date 1188 attached to his username and I was like, ‘Is your birthday in November?’

And he was like, ‘Yeah’.

So I proceeded asking him when it is exactly and he said it’s on November 5 and ARE YOU REALLY FUCKING KIDDING ME??? BoA’s birthday is on November 5! If this is not a sign in anyway, Idk anymore…
I’m open to all possibilities, tho. Just saying :3