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Review: Invisibility

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And of course. Just a day after I promised that I would try and blog everyday, I almost forgot about it! Wth is that! It’s only been the second day of the new year! Haha!

Anyway, it was so hard to go back to work after the holidays… but life must go on…

(Skipping boring story about work)

So, after talking to Ray about an issue with his insensitive friend and with Louisa about the BoA concert and some other stuff, I resumed to my nightly reading. With a couple of new e-books, the bookworm in me resurfaced. Just last month in December, I finished 3 books! That’s a feat!

And so it happens, at the turn of the year, I started a book by Andrea Cremer and David Levithan.

So far, I’m okay with it.

I’m not as engrossed with it as when I’m reading a Rowell or even a Kinsella book, but at least it was not dreadful. I just… it’s because I’m so old, it’s hard for me to digest teen love life and/or angst now. I find it unbearable sometimes.

I’ve become jaded… Lol!

Anyway, I have about less than 200 pages to go til I’m done with this book. I have GoodReads. If you’re curious about my take on this book, just look me up on there and read my review! I always try to leave a small review to the recent books I’ve read when I got the app.


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