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Demi Lovato Concert

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Okay, proper blog post this time. A recap of the recent Demi Lovato concert I attended last Friday.

Ermegherd, last Friday was so exhausting for me. Because Ray wants to meet so early that day, I have no choice but to go to work early because I can’t afford missing work, especially that my Japan trip is in two weeks.

So I woke up at 430am and started work at 6am. I worked the whole time nonstop, went home by 115pm, did laundry and ate an avocado, took a shower and prepared my stuff for the weekend. My ghad, as soon as I got up, I was already so busy -___-.

And then, my always-on-time boyfriend came and hang around my house for a little bit. He took a day off so he spent the time leisurely. Anyway, we had an early dinner at Panda Express, his first time there.

When we’re done, we headed out to the venue. While chit-chatting, he said something completely unnecessary that threw me in a very bad mood. It’s about me taking him to Cracker Barrel on his birthday and he said that it was the the most unsatisfying birthday dinner/event he’d ever experienced. I told him straight up that I was offended. I actually planned the day for him. And I hate planning. Also, I haven’t been to Cracker Barrel before so I didn’t know it’s not an ‘appropriate’ place to celebrate a birthday. And plus, that time, we’ve been together for 2 months. I don’t really know much about him and it was still an awkward stage for me to just plan recklessly, whatnot.

So ugh. So I was in a bad mood then and I carried it for a while. I tried to sleep on our way there to avoid conversing with him because it exhausts me. Anyway, less talk, less mistake (or damage).

So we finally arrived at the venue. My first reaction? The venue was ugly. It was small and old. I was actually really shocked because it’s like one of the most popular concert venue in Illinois. My ghad, the seats didn’t even any cushions. So uncomfortable.

When I saw the stage, it was actually really small. Because we got the tickets too late, we were left with the seats at the balcony. But it wasn’t bad at all.

We got there quite early so we had no choice but wait for a while til the show begins at 730. While waiting, we were doubtful that the concert will start on time but it did! On the dot!

She had an opening act who sang quite a few songs. Like, more than 5 songs. I was surprised because usually, an opening act doesn’t last that long. But she was a great budding singer from California.

And then DJ Khaled was next. He really pumped up the audience and a lot were singing to his songs. I can’t believe that I knew a lot of his songs played at the concert. Haha! At that point, we were standing up and getting pumped. I think he was pretty cool. He had these speeches that makes me think of a homily. Ray said that he can be a pastor. Haha! He was entertaining overall.

He was always shouting ‘Is this Chicago???!!!?!?!’ And the crowd shouted yes in unison over and over again, even those group of friends by my side and then all of a sudden, they whispered to each other, ‘Technically, it’s Rosemont, not Chicago, but it’s okay’ and I just cracked up. Haha!!!

And then finally, Demiiiiii!!!

Okay. So I really don’t know much about her songs after her Sonny With A Chance Stint and Camp Rock movie on Disney. But I know that she’s definitely a great singer and boy was I blown away!

She does have this power and technique when singing! Like, I have nothing but praise for her! Her whole stage was very entertaining, with a lot of dancing and gimmicks. She even has a bed on stage! It was crazy, it was like she was having sex there too. Haha! Iuno, I really enjoyed it!

But because we were standing most of the time in that 3 hour concert, I was pretty drained at the end of it. My ghad. The weekend was not enough for me to recover from it but oh well. Still a good experience :3