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Upgraded Look

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With just some simple knick knacks and rearrangements in our furniture, my sister was able to improve the look of the house.

Ever since, my sister (and now my brother) has always been into interior designing. They like to look at pegs on Pinterest and go to furniture shops to look around for small things that could improved the look of our house.

Her first project in our US house is the bathroom.

One day, I came home and there was my sister, un-bagging (is this even a word?) the stuff she bought in God knows where together with my mom. I gotta say tho. Our very plain half bathroom looks so much decent now than before. So I guess I gotta give her credits instead of giving her a hard time.

Her next thing is prolly buying decorations for our bare living room.

They’re still not home (and they’ve been out since 9:30 in the morning! Almost 12 hours now!!!) so I don’t know what knick knacks they got this time but it’s better to just trust them to do their thing than meddle. Hope they don’t loop me in to the ‘renovations’ tho coz I don’t have the patience for it.

But yeah. She tidied up a lot. Bought boxes too, where my brother can dump his work stuff instead of laying everything on the table (because he has a loooot), and then organizing our house slippers whatnot. I don’t even track anymore.

Just little things that made a huge difference. Even I am astounded. Lol!

Oh well, we’ll see how everything ends up.