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Totally Bipolar.

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Obviously, I’ve been very ecstatic about BoA’s comeback album! I mean.. It’s something I’ve waited for soooo long!!! And having a real good quality album to accompany the hype, couple that up with an amazing dance mv, I was just tearing up from all the excitement it caused me!

Definitely, the return of the Queen! And everybody really recognized her talent and musicality! It’s so nice seeing all these great K-pop artists, International artists and just about everyone supporting her return!!! My timeline filled with so much news about her return. I wouldn’t blame them..

That’s why it’s even more depressing because despite this joyous event, my other bias, Hyoyeon, just happened to lose to DWTS competition..

I wasn’t able to watch the live broadcast yesterday coz I wasn’t at home. Still, I have great expectations and I was really rooting for her!!! I watched her two performances for the finals and was really positive she’ll win the show without even batting an eyelash! YoonA and Seohyun were even there to support her and Sooyoungie! Visiting her practice session, carrying with her cupcakes she baked herself.




And the accompanying caption for this: “this friggin shikshin does not understand how gift giving works

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Anyway, I was really getting the good vibes until I read a certain tweet that apparently Hyoyeon came in second instead… I was heartbroken. Everybody expected her to win and she was really showing great performances!!! Like seriously, they were awesome, beyond outstanding! But as the MC announced a different name for this season’s winner, the studio became glum. I’m sure every Hyohunnies felt the same.

And as if that wasn’t enough, MBC released Dancing with the Stars BTS and we were given a closer look at Hyoyeon after the announcement. She maintained this positivity in her facial features, cheering for the winners and even dancing! Being her Kim Choding self. But as soon as she saw her members approach her, I guess she just couldn’t help maintaining a straight face and she cried… It was so saddening watch her cry. She almost never does due to her strong personality. But also knowing that she doesn’t like disappointing her family, members, her partner and herself, watching her cry, her tears were even more meaningful… It was her time to ultimately shine, not as a member of Girls’ Generation but just being Hyoyeon and  yet… Even that was taken away from her…

My heart keeps on breaking seeing this part of the video… All those emotions behind her eyes… *tear* She tried to smile but she can never really hide her sadness… :c

And how she referred to her partner after the winner’s announcement, looking completely disappointed because her partner lost the opportunity to win a brand new car… It was so heartbreaking. Even at the very last moment, she was thinking about others before herself. Only Hyoyeon could fathom the depth this event had caused her. TTATT

It was a depressing moment. YoonA couldn’t even help but shed tears as well. Seohyun consoling Hyoyeon was so heartbreaking as well.. Ah. It was very sad.

It kinda sucks that Hyoyeon’s show I religiously followed would have to end this way. Still, It’s been a great exposure for her and I’m just glad she was given this opportunity to do what she loves most — dancing. Instead of thinking of it as her, losing to second place, we’ll see it as Hyoyeon coming up to second place in this tough competition :3

Aww, I’ll miss the bunny couple now that the show’s over… I grew to love them immensely and if it were possible to ship them, I would until the end. They look perfect for each other as I always say…


And to conclude this post, let me share a wonderful fanfiction of Hyoyeon and Hyeongseok I happened to come across. It’s so beautiful so please make sure to click the link!!!

My Winner ; fanfiction by sol-star

I’m almost compelled to write my own HyoSeok fanfic.. Oh gawd…

Anyway, BIPOLAR.