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She was overwhelmed with regret.

Despite loving him terribly, she had no choice but to push him away. To let go of him…

Because that was the only way to save him from suffering. She was a bad person. And to drag him to hell was just so unforgivable. Not to him who is so kind and pure.

Until finally, he said his goodbye. His footsteps echoing in the now cold and empty room.

She cried out for his name. He doesn’t know that silently, she was crying out for him to stay. Still wishing, to keep their forever…


– – –

Accidental drabble. I wasn’t suppose to make one but the image doesn’t make sense and anyway, the lyric snippet was beautiful so there. I’m happy that I made this. Hihi!

Yunho is so handsome in that outfit, btw.

Ugh! I love them to death!

image and story (c) lexie-chan || eyes2blues

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