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Meteor Garden

In Everyday,Fandom,Fun,Life,review on July 23, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , ,

While watching a couple of movies on Netflix the other day, I saw by chance that Netflix is actually sponsoring Meteor Garden 2018!

A decade or so in my past, when the first Meteor Garden came out in 2001, I got really really really hooked to it! And Jerry Yan was the love of my lifeeeeee!!!

It was one of the biggest Asian TV series in the Philippines even up to the present! So seeing that 2018 adaptation on Netflix gave me so much feels…

Earlier today, I played the Meteor Garden playlist on Spotify and I couldn’t stop myself from smiling while working in the lab because I was just filled with nostalgia! Haha!

So in conclusion, I ended up reminiscing the series by watching the old Meteor Garden series on youtube! I admit that some scenes are so cringey watching now but I still love it! Hahaha! It’s so timeless :3