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Happy Father’s Day, Mom

In Everyday,Life on June 18, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , ,

It was a story from one of my co-worker.

For a couple of weeks, she’s been busy with the moving of her stuff since she’s downgrading. She’s said that she’s by herself now and her kids are in college so with that statement, I just assumed that she was recently divorced.

And then we met at lunch break on Friday and she was telling me how her daughter was inviting her to Chicago to celebrate Father’s day and that’s when it was revealed that when she was carrying her second child, her husband left her.

That’s like… more than 20 years ago!!! I was in shock!

So from that point on, she raised her kids by herself.

And then earlier this day, she showed me this Facebook post of her son saying that he grew up without a father. That it has always been his mom (my co-worker), who’s been there for them. That he doesn’t care what day it is but he’s celebrating Father’s Day with his mom. (Simplified. The post was longer and more sentimental.)

And honestly, that was the sweetest and most moving thing I’ve ever read as of late… aww…