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Awesome Day

In Fandom,Fun,Life,Manga on March 18, 2011 by lexie-chan Tagged: , ,

What a fantastic day!

1. I met new peeps in class. They are so cool, funny and friendly! They all look pretty, too so i’m kinda forced to dress nicely throughout the week while meeting with them. I’m sure I still won’t, tho. Waste of time.. But at least I’m able to make friends and the thought’s still there :3

2. I ate a whole king size chocolate bar by myself and had free pizza for lunch! Woot!

3. Met up with Kelly at Borders. Haha! I miss my bitches at Kohl’s! Aside from that, I was able to talk with Francisco over text. We’ll prolly hang out Thursday. He offered to drive me to the other neighboring Borders store. Yey for awesome *cough* friends!!!!

4. Finally watched Kimi ni Todoke live action! I waited six fucking months for it! Detailed review to follow along with my fangurling mode with my new gurl crush Ren-chan!

5. Somebody sent me a note on DA. A possible commissioner! What the hell!!! That was totally unexpected! But I am pretty excited! Nyah~!

6. I bought more manga today! I decided to collect Lovely Complex manga! Still debating whether to get Mixed Vegeyables and Beauty Pop.. Kyah! My manga library ia growing! And I am just like a proud momma.


I love it when the day never stops getting so awesome. It’s kinda late so I hafta force myself to sleep. Nevertheless, the happy feeling lingers.. Woot! Oyasumi!!!