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BoA — Only One dance mv

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Only One dance version mv download

Only One 7th Album download

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I don’t know how else to explain the satisfaction I felt after watching this clip… It was just pure PERFECTION!!! The detail of the choreography and BoA’s impeccable dancing skills was enough to blow you away… She totally nailed it!!!

I was quite curious how she would execute a dance routine for a slow song such as this but as always, it turned out to have exceeded all of my expectations…

She’s the ONLY ONE!!!!

Everybody were so happy that she opted for a refreshing song, too instead of an autotuned type of music. I prefer this more than a million times over the k-pop mainstream music nowadays… This is like old K-pop! I almost cannot wait for her comeback!!! Ugh!!!

Also, I bought the CD+photobook package!!! I felt the urge to support her for this cycle!!! I always have, really! But it’s different when you’re doing it to contribute to the sales for the season she chose to promote. Most of the albums I bought was purchased after the promotions so meh. I was just a little bit surprised that there were only 9 tracks for her album and 2 songs were even instrumental. This is like an EP. Still, Anything for the Queen B!!!!

Anyway, Cassiopeia, Sones, Elf, Shawols, Nameless (fx), Exotics, JUMPING BOA… Let’s all support the return of the QUEEN!!!!



The album is actually really, REALLY good! I am at lost for words… It’s so, aliveeeee… melancholy… fun… It was a good mix of everything. Gosh, I am so not regretting buying this album!!!!

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Fast Fact:

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