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Dream K-POP Fantasy Concert Fanaccount and Spazzing Galore

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So, I just got home from a 4+ hour long concert earlier at MOA open grounds and boy, was that very exciting! The following passages below are some of my personal fanaccounts. You can skip the first part and jump to the bottom. My SNSD fanaccounts are a bit more detailed than the others :3


Anwyay, the first K-pop group that performed was Infinite. I love how energetic they were! They were everywhere on the stage, wearing white costumes. They look like angels.. And Hoya looked amazing! Damn!

Next was Tasty. The twins are really adorable and I love how they were very talkative. Everything was in English pretty much. Both are such a lady’s man, too! They were so sweet especially to the fans and the host :3

U-Kiss opened the third stage with their popular song Bingeul Bingeul. The audience were seriously roaring!!! HAHA! They were amazing as well. A lot of fans cheered for them and I’m glad the group enjoyed the whole event for the second time.

The group that followed them was Tahiti. The decline of cheers when they appeared on the stage was so obvious. I honestly don’t know who they were but their songs weren’t as bad (except when they tried to milk the remnants of “Gangnam Style” when they danced to the song). They are all so pretty, though :3


EXO had a a lot of anticipating fans and boy, they did not disappoint! I never really cared for them, but I think imma try and follow them from now on. Kris was seriously gorgeous! I never liked younger men but damn… He was really goodlooking and when he talked, it’s just… Ugh!!! And one notable thing they did for their first time concert in the Philippines was to sing a Tagalog song — Hawak Kamay. Chanyeol even played the guitar! Everything was live! Everybody in the audience sang together with them. It was so beautiful, so perfect… That was such a thoughtful gesture. They did deserve my respect ❤

The final stage was owned by GG! Oh gawd! I was so proud of my fellow SONEs!!!! The pink ocean was so heartwarming! And the cheers were the loudest when they performed!!! They performed 7 songs in this order:

  • Genie (Philippines, put it back on!)
  • The Boys
  • Talk
  • Hoot
  • Dancing Queen
  • Gee
  • I Got A Boy

Oh gawd! I was seriously cheering for them!!! It was a great performance! And the camera man absolutely loved Yuri. He kept on focusing on her even if it was another member’s solo parts! HAHA! And they were wearing their outfit for IGAB right off the bat.

For this concert, I have all the right JeTi feels…


During the talk segment, the host asked about the time Jessica performed “Someday” by Nina during their comeback stage last New Year. This is basically the main gist of the talk part for that topic:

Host: I heard that you and your sister Krystal sang the song entitled “Someday”. Did you know that it was composed by a Filipino singer?

Jessica: Yes, I was aware of it.

Host: The composer was Nyoy Volante and he wants to thank you for singing it.

Jessica: Oh.. thank you for composing such a great song.

The host also asked her if she could sing a small part of it for the Filipino fans. Jessica looked taken aback at first and took a while to sing the chorus. But when she finally did, the audience started singing along with her. She was full of aegyo especially at the end OMG!!!!

ˆChose this video because it showcased Jessica’s singing it it’s full glory. Great audio!

And then there was also this part where Tiffany was talking to the audience and she read a message us Filipino SONEs specifically addressed to them.


I absolutely love it when SNSD take notice of these small gestures and then thank us sincerely for all the love we give them ❤ And they never failed to admire the audience and the country (the others did, too btw). They are just so beautiful! HAHA!!! Tiffany also said that she’s been in the Philippines before and that her brother and brother’s family lives in the Philippines and they were watching the concert as well. Oh gawd! Tiffany’s bro lives in the Philippines OMFG!!!! (Sooyoung, Yuri and Taeyeon visited Boracay during their vacation as well. They were with their family. It was discussed during their episode from Beatle’s Code)




There were a lot of funny moments as well. Like when They were supposed to sing Gee. The host made a mistake I think and started humming to IGAB and the crowd followed of course. They were kinda confused since IGAB was their final stage and then at that moment, a confused YoonA was focused. Oh gawd, she is seriously like an angel! LOL!

And then people kept on asking Sunny to do aegyo! But she did not </3

Tiffany asked the crowd if we have memorized the dance for IGAB. The crowd enthusiastically said yes. She was impressed.

And oh, another notable portion was when Tiffany finally — FINALLY — yelled “Philippines, put it back on!!!!” OMG!!! I think imma cry!!!!



They sang a lot of songs but it felt so short! WAAAAEEEEE!!!! I think I really need to go to their official concert soon and experience the whole power of nine.

LOL! In general, the event was really fun. It’s just not enough!!! But life is unfair so all we gotta do is appreciate what we have. And I did so I’m content.

Yay!!! I wish I can watch them again, especially SNSD! HAHA!!!



I’m still suffering from a post-concert hype from yesterday. I can’t get over the experience until now! TBH, I thought I was going to regret going there (which is really pathetic). I was by myself and I was only able to purchase a GOLD pass. And I had a horrible place to stand coz freakin’ tech people were blocking half of my vision! And I’m a midget and ugh! I don’t even know 90% of people who performed!!!!

But damn! Despite all the mishaps, I still very much enjoyed the whole experience!!! I loved EXO and SNSD’s performances of course! They were the best and I have no words to describe that incredible feeling at all!!! And everybody started screaming for an SM TOWN!!! Yes please!

Gosh.. I thought I would have to live reminiscing about that moment when I just saw SNSD’s World Tour Concert list:


OMFG… Am I dreaming or am I really seeing Philippines amongst the countries where they are going to perform??? Coz OMG… My poor poor heart cannot handle this blow right now… AAAHHHHHH!!!! I can’t believe I’ll most likely see them again!!! OMFG!!!! They seriously granted our wish! There would be another “Philippines, put it back on!!!!!” Oh gawd… They are so freakin’ gonna be back!!!



I am not gonna miss this no matter what!!! Oh gawd… But first, I needa get money so I can buy the best seat!!!

Shit, the level of my fangurling is beyond normal and bordering obsessive but well, do what makes you happy. HAHA!!! I won’t go on my graduation. I’ll just get my graduation money and use that for my GG concert. Watch me. HAHA!