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Top 5 Attractive Male Qualities

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As a teenager, I’m sure all of you have had their own ideal boyfriend in mind. The one that is kind, good looking, smart, caring and everything that is a basic requirement for a prince to have. I’m no different from those girls in my younger years.

But then as I grew older, now in my late twenties, I realized that those male qualities I used to have are too ideal and shallow. That it’s almost impossible to find a person with all those traits in reality. So this is when it dawned on me that instead of those non-existent boyfriend material, what really matters is your compatibility with one another.

It was fairly recent when I actually got to go on real dates. What I found out from that experience are these top 5 male qualities that I personally find attractive:


1. Confident – I agree that being good looking is indeed a plus PLUS. That it is the first deciding factor for you to consider dating a guy. But at the end of the day, what are the chances you’ll ever date one, right? This is reality after all. And so in the end, I learned that a man doesn’t have to be strikingly handsome. That sometimes, all it takes is confidence. If he’s confident in his own skin and can work out his flaws instead of dwelling over it, THAT’S ATTRACTIVE.


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2. Good Conversationalist – A guy doesn’t have to be greasy. A guy who overly compliments a girl seems so fake to be honest. Instead of that, it is better for a guy to be a good conversationalist. A guy who doesn’t have to be an expert at everything but at least a man that has a wide variety of knowledge about things like food, movies, books, music, etc. Cultured. Since I talk a lot, I would like it if my company would be as engaging. I do not like awkward silence and I’m sure none of you likes it as well. If you can carry on a good conversation and can talk about anything and everything under the sun, THAT’S ATTRACTIVE.


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3. Humorous – Being smart is good. But if you’re someone who is rigid, technical and a know-it-all type of guy, chances are, girls would find you annoying. It’s pretty much a turn off, really. It will only put unnecessary stress on the other party, having to find ways to level that kind of intellectual conversation. Not that it is bad. Of course it isn’t. I just think that it is better to attract a girl by making her laugh instead of being burdened by the moment. As they say, only funny guys makes you fall in love without you ever knowing it. THAT IS ATTRACTIVE.


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4. Gentleman – I wouldn’t be discussing anything related to feminism because this topic could be quite complicated to some. I just want it to be plain and simple. Believe it or not, every lady wants a gentleman. Yes, it’s true. I don’t think it’ll hurt a man’s pride if he’ll go out of his way to open the door for her. Make her walk on the safer side of the road or even give up his seat so she can sit down and not suffer from standing up on her heels. To be honest, it isn’t about grandiose gestures. Sometimes, all it takes is a small act of kindness with a smile to make our hearts melt. If a man says, “She comes first” then definitely, THAT’S ATTRACTIVE.


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5. Aesthetically Pleasing – It’s not about wearing branded clothes or keeping up with the trends. At all cost, at least don’t look shabby. You would want to be the man your girlfriend would want to introduce to her family and friends, right? So if you can wear a good shirt from goodwill and decent pants from a garage sale coupled with just a handsome smile then THAT’S ATTRACTIVE.


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I’m sure for every girl, everything still comes down to preference when looking at a guy’s attractive qualities but personally, this is what makes a man perfect in his imperfect ways. Being able to stimulate a woman’s senses without overdoing it is a sure killer. It’s all about having a personality that makes one score another date. Don’t forget to be engaging and fun.

After all, it is what’s inside that she will come to love in the end :3

Truth be told, we are not that hard to please. HAHA!