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Article: The Continually Evolving BoA by Oh, MiJung

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Thanks to Twitter, I was able to come across a very good article about BoA, that you can read by clicking the link below:

As a fan for over 10 years, I can’t help but be teary eyed whenever I read accounts about our legendary BoA and her journey as an artist. At 26, it’s accurate to say that she’s been in the music scene for 12 years (or 13 years. The time mentioned in the article was so confusing. But whatever, we know that BoA started her career in 2000). I wasn’t surprised that she is one of the most treasured singer in South Korea (alongside Rain) but when they mentioned BoA’s net worth in the industry, I felt the gravity of her popularity that encompassed different continents. We’re talking about trillion wons here… O___0;

Anyway, the article was really good. I couldn’t agree more with everything that was said… There were ups and downs in BoA’s career but in all actuality, the impact she made for the whole of Korea would always linger. She’s definitely one of the pioneers who lead the Korean wave and paved way to all these idols making their way to debut in Japan and America.

A legend was born as soon as the heavens gave us BoA :3

On a different note, again thanks to Twitter, I came across one of BoA’s rare instagram post.

Oh my goodness gracious! I need this in my lifeeeeeee (even though I am more than sure this piece of clothing won’t even look good on me. Whatevs!!!)!!! Thanks to Twitter, I even know where I can exactly buy the exact pullover! Unfortunately at this time, I can’t buy it since I’m in PI but if this is still available when I get back in the states, I’ll make sure to get it at all cost! It’s even better coz it’s actually incredibly cheap! Woot!!!! I love you BoA! Like seriously!!!!

Leaving the Forever 21 link here for future reference. Check it out, too!


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Fast Fact:

I joined Twitter because of BoA. She’s actually the first person I ever followed on Twitter. HAHA! I love you BoA, omigosh!!!!