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The Black Bra

In Everyday,Fun,Life,Personal on December 2, 2012 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , ,


The past few days, my family and I spent our time at Olongapo. We did a lot of stuff, met a lot of people and seriously enjoyed ourselves to the fullest! We frequent Subic, visited the new Ayala Mall, went to the fair and even got the chance to go to “Logo’s Hope”! I even got to buy a new book! Add to that was our numerous food trips. And our trip wouldn’t be complete without eating our favorite buko ice candy. Ever since I can remember, we have always been eating that whenever we visit.

HAHA, it was a three day trip and kinda exhausting. So when we were halfway home, I decided to take off my bra and left it inside the car (I know, no connection). That’s nothing big. In fact, I always take it off or not wear one at all.


I know.

Well, when we got home, my mom told my brother to drop off all of our stuff at home before getting sending the car at the car wash. He did just that. But when he got home, my brother started scolding me because apparently, he didn’t see my bra lying around at the back until the people at the car washing place pointed it out!




I’m so sorry brother for putting you in such a difficult situation. I’ll try to not do it again but you shouldn’t be trusting me all too much. LOL!

Anyway, I missed MAMA 2012 broadcast, which sucks, but it’s okay. No BoA or SNSD anyway…. ATM, I’m just worrying about two final requirements at school and finishing up a YunBoA fanfic!!! Grrr!!!! It ended up being a two part fic! Extra long, and it’s driving me crazy! Ugh! Wish me luck.