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SNSD Project: Gee 100,000,000

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Before I start this post, I would like to insinuate that I don’t represent the SONE community by posting this blog entry. If anything, I represent MYSELF as a SONE.

I am writing this post as a form of support for “Gee” as the first K-pop music video to reach  ONE HUNDRED MILLION views on youtube.

I’m sure anybody outside the fandom would find this very petty… They said, it’s just a number. They said that it doesn’t matter… But really, as a SONE trying to set a milestone for our gurls, this is a pretty serious business for us.

“Gee” was the breakthrough hit of Girls’ Generation. After about 8 months of hiatus, and that traumatic black ocean during the Dream Concert, nobody would have thought that the very same gurls who received such harsh bashing even before debuting would be today’s National Girl Group of Korea.

That’s why the birth of “Gee” was even more meaningful to SONEs who were there from the beginning. Both Girls’ Generation and SONEs worked hard to make “Gee” one of the iconic song of South Korea. For the past three years, SONEs and non-SONEs steadily built its reputation as the most viewed Korean music video for the past THREE YEARS.

And then….

AND THEN…!!!!!

All of a sudden PSY comes along the way, singing his Gangnam Style and just like that, gained so much attention from all over the place!!!!

Don’t get me wrong. I actually love Gangnam Style ever since I first heard of it. I even downloaded the whole mini album and shared it with friends… But I feel just a tad bit bitter about all the recognition he’s currently getting… Although it’s not correct for me to think this way, deep down, I feel like he doesn’t deserve any of this rise in popularity…

I even came to the point that I stopped listening to it.

I hate myself for being this immature fan but I guess loving a certain group makes you irrational and totally blinded at times.


So since I can’t openly diss Gangnam Style for its rising popularity, because (I actually know) it doesn’t deserve all my hate for its existence, all I can do is just maintain Girls’ Generation’s current standing in a healthier way by helping increase it’s views. I even have four different tabs open just playing “Gee” over and over again! I’ll at least contribute this way without blatantly causing a fan war. LOLOLOLOL!!!

Let’s do it SONE! Not only to set history with the gurl but also to celebrate Hyoyeon‘s upcoming birthday this September! Woot!

Right now, it’s Girls’ Generation! In the future, it’s Girls’ Generation! Forever Girls’ Generation~!

– – –

Fast Fact:

I’ve been an otaku since second grade. That means I’ve been this way for roughly 17 years. HAHA!!!!