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Get nosy. I dare you.

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  • 1: Real (first) Name? LOL, first question and already skipping… HAHA! Just call me Sexy Lexie
  • 2: Current crush!? Classmate ❤
  • 3: Addiction? Where do I even begin? Animé, Manga, BoA, SNSD, J-pop, K-pop, Books, Music, Internet
  • 4: How tall am I? 5 feet.
  • 5: Relationship status? Sexy, Free and Single ❤
  • 6: Girls I trust? Best Friend ‘dalla ❤
  • 7: Boys I trust? Err… I have no guy bestfriend :c
  • 9: Current mood? Bed weather mood. It’s raining and I’m listening to blues music. So perfect!
  • 10: When was the last time I did something for the 1st time? 2 days ago. July 1? I drew a picture and did the overall lineart using the pen tool!
  • 11: Confession; I cried last night with April. We were both hurting about the fact that mom wants to let go of Manang :c Doing everything in our power for that not to happen!
  • 12: Who I miss? My Dad. My bro and I were just talking about him, too!
  • 13: Who I last hugged? Hmm. My classmate Tiffany? I was bullying her too much so I hugged her in the end. LOL.
  • 14: Who understands me? April understands me the best. And my best friend Krys ❤
  • 15: Someone who is always there for me: My family. They got my back! Best friend Krys, Mojokial (Kh)rese, Decaf Club, Neener Baklitas.
  • 16: Last Text? Sister.
  • 17: Who’s a stranger: Ex-bestfriend. I’m getting over it. LOL!
  • 18: Who makes me laugh the most? SNSD. LOL!
  • 19: Who I do the craziest stuff with? Friends! Recently, with Erika maybe? Fangurling to the max!
  • 20: Who makes me smile? SNSD.
  • 21: What am i listening to? KYAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! BoA feat Daichi Miurai — Possibility. I sooooo love this song!!!!
  • 22: Turn on’s? People with swag! I like them confident, who talks smart, and goodlooking :3 Totally catches my attention! 
  • 23: Turn offs? People with no sense. Dumb, can’t carry a conversation, with no opinion whatsoever. I cannot tolerate boring people.
  • 24. Bestfriends? Krys Adalla!!!!!
  • 26: Second confess? I forgot to greet John during his birthday! Gomen nasai!!!
  • 27: What I hate? Color green, cockroaches, stupidity.
  • 28: Who’s annoying? I’m annoying.
  • 29: Favorite Sex position? We’ll know in the future ❤
  • 30: Last person to give you butterflies? Nobody -_____-;


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Found a meme on Tumblr. Felt like posting it up. YAY!!!! The things you do when you’re bored………………