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Today is the last day we spend at work before the long weekend for the holiday weekend.

Coz of that, the lab decided to treat us to some Donuts and Coffee (chocolate and orange juice too!) for breakfast and Portillo’s for lunch!

Omg… I ate so much! At one point, I have water, tea, mimosa (care of Rey for bringing some champagne), chocolate and donut on my desk! Yeah, I’m kind of a pig.

But yeah. So much food and lunch too! Ugh…

And well, since it’s the last day before the long weekend, we had our exchange gifts! I got what I wanted and so much more! I got a generous gift from my boss. A 50$ Amazon gift card that I’m planning to use to buy a new set of Copic markers. And then the brother/sister brought pancit because I said I like it! Then Mr.K pulled me aside and gave me a cute lip balm and Starbucks gift card! He said he’s always wanted to treat me coffee because I always help him out. And K got me and early Christmas present and got me a nice tumbler coz somebody stole mine. And then even Kuya A at the removable got me a present!!! Woooow! So thoughtful! I really feel so loved!