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Productive Day

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It sucks that I have to spend most of my day at work because eww, work, but as soon as I clocked out, that’s when life really took off! Haha!

Of course, today is the start of my gym day for the week. I work out about two hours every Monday to Thursdays. I really don’t like doing anything on a Friday so I left it out. Saturday is my time with R and Sundays, I spend doing meal prep so yeah, everything works out.

Remember how I didn’t get to order my Apple watch yesterday? Welp, my supportive brother took me to Best Buy Joliet where I was finally able to preorder my watch! But stupid Best Buy, of course they can’t honor the 25$ gift card they sent me for pre-orders so I didn’t get any sort of incentives for this purchase. Ugh. But thank god for financing :3

I don’t know when it will be available for purchase but I’m excited! I really like it! And I hope I can convince R to buy one too so we can match!

Anyway, when we got home, my brother and I decided to play tennis. Yes, I wanted to play tennis even after my 2 hour gym earlier!

We played for about 50 minutes because my arm was sooooo tired! It was a really good game and I hope we can do it again tomorrow!

I couldn’t take a shower right away because of all the work out I did so since it’s the start of October, I picked up my sketchbook and started drawing. I drew Yena during her birthday celebration!

Wow! On top of work, gym, Best Buy errand and a tennis game, I was able to still squeeze a drawing session for today! Ans you know what, I might get some reading too!

Dammmmnn! Talk about productive! I’m lovin’ it!