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My fabulous self did good with my subjects last sem. Every single one of them! Muwahahaha!!!! My grades were absolutely gorgeous that I can’t help but brag in front of my my mom and siblings! HAHA!!!

DigiMed: 3.5

Web Design: 4.0


Web Animation: 4.0

Of course I deserve it and I totally worked hard for my grades last sem but it’s still so amazing seeing the fruit of my labor after  a long 14 weeks of school… It’s extra special when it was totally unexpected, too!!! I mean, I expected I would pass all  my subjects but to do it so flawlessly, too was beyond my comprehension!!!!

HAHA! That’s why yesterday, to kinda celebrate, I went to get myself and my sister some awesome milk teas. HAHA!!!

Oh gawd seriously God, thank you so much for letting me survive everything!!! I was struggling and even getting myself sick but everything went well and I’m just so happy!!! I’m not even trippin’ over that one subject that gave me a grade of 3.5 trashing my 4.0 perfect streak. HAHA! Seriously…


This Monday, it’ll be the start of the next semester. We barely had a week long sem break so I was trying to do all the fangurling while I have the time coz it’ll be incredibly busy again! Ugh…

But bring it on~