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We Were Everywhere

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My sister thought that her flight back home in Singapore was tomorrow night so we went for one last shopping run! My ghad. It seems like we’ve visited every stores there is today, from Ross to Best Buy to Goodwill to Home Depot to Starbucks and to McDonald’s.

It seems like I spent my day outside after all!

But I bought myself some ‘new’ used books at Goodwill so I’m good. I found two Sophie Kinsella books that aren’t in my collection yet so I bought them right away! I also bought The Kite Runner because it has always been in my ‘Books To Read’ list. If only I can finish reading this David Levithan book. Ugh. But I have less than one hundred pages to go (FINALLY!) so it shouldn’t be long. I’ll read my physical books now.

Anyway, today, we also finally dropped by the club house and register ourselves so we can use their facilities! My ghad. It took us three years to do it! Luckily, it’s been all settled. I just need to go there tomorrow with my mother to officially sign up and… viola!

When all the errands have been done already, we all sat down in the living room and watched a Filipino movie! We watched Unofficially Yours and it’s a great film. It wasn’t cheesy or over the top. And ghad, Robin Padilla is just so… ugh, yummy! He’s really so attractive to me even now! I’m really drawn to him! If I see him in person I wouldn’t know what I’ll do. Sighhhhhh.

Welp, tomorrow we’re gonna go to DMV to take care of our id’s so gotta prepare for bed soon! Later!

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