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Something Spontaneous

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I had a real debate whether or not to make this a public post or not but…



So here we are now. HAHA.

Anyway, I’ve been talking about nothing but horrible stuff as of late so lemme me mix in something different.

So yesterday, I had a chance encounter with someone. It was 6 PM, on a Friday. I want nothing but out of the office and spend my beautiful weekend at home fangirling. So I took off and went to the bus stop. As I was about to line up, there was this Indian guy on his phone who looked kinda lost. I didn’t want to be rude and go before him so I asked him if he was in line. He said yes. But the line was for two places so I verified if he’s going to Market Market of to Ayala.

Quite desperately, he said he just wanted to get out of BGC and ride the bus going to Baclaran. Feeling a sort of sympathy for him, I told him to take the bus going to Ayala.

So after that, I was minding my own business until he just started talking to me. He doesn’t give off a pervert vibe what not so I started talking to him, too. At least be polite about the whole thing, right? So we talked quite a bit. Told me he’s trying to do business here in the Philippines. He also kinda told me that he’s been to a few places here in the Philippines and that he knew about Cavite and well, it was just really light hearted talk in general.

And then he just blurted out if I wanted to hang out with him for a bit before going home.



HAHA, I’m normally the type of person who would say no at that instant but you know what, I’m already on my way to the mall to get my mom’s i-pad fixed, and it’s a Friday, and I wanna unwind so yeah. I said yesh and then the two of us went to have dinner at this Mexican place I discovered with friends.


So unexpectedly, I had a sorta date with a person I don’t even know and actually had fun :3 I wouldn’t say I’d go as far as date the dude. Nope. He’s like 46, a foreigner and I didn’t feel any attraction whatsoever. But conversing with him was really refreshing and it’s always nice to meet new people, so yeah.

I wouldn’t regret doing it. If another chance encounter happens, I’ll grab the opportunity again.

Wouldn’t be nice to look back again and remember how you’ve done something crazy (but safe) like this? HAHA! Live our life! Not under a rock :3