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Something Very Memorable.

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Guys, I got engaged!

I can’t believe it actually happened! I didn’t even have any inkling or whatsoever! I was actually kinda getting worried because R and I have been together for almost four years but it doesn’t seem like we are moving forward and then BOOM!

Out of nowhere, in a very public way, a ring box materialized in R’s hand and then he asked m to be his wife!

I seriously did not see that coming because whenever people will ask about our plans in our future, he would say he’s not ready yet and stuff so in my mind, I thought we’re just kinda… stuck. So his proposal was really a shock.

Sorry. I keep on repeating myself. I just still can’t believe it, you know?

I’m not sure if you’ll care to know how it all transpired but I’ll still write about it. Haha! Before my memory fades.

So, it was October 14, our second day in London. The plan for that day was to go to Harry Potter Studio for the whole day so I wore a yellow sweater like the proud Hufflepuff that I am to be in theme. Haha!

The weather was not so bad that day. Gloomy, but at least it wasn’t raining.

We left our airbnb early because we need to go to our meet up place for our ride to the studios. I know it was just our second day in the city but we were already at ease going around via the train station so going to the meet up place was fairly easy. Around 10, we boarded and was on the way to the nerdiest place on earth.

Knowing me, I kinda fell asleep after just 5 minutes of the bus ride and woke up when we were there.

There were big banners outside so I’ve been taking pictures right off the bat. When we lined up, I saw this family with four Harry Potter passports in their hands. Curious, I asked them where they got it because I want one for myself, which I got, of course!

When we’re finally inside, I was just in great awe because of how amazing they set up the place! I was honestly so impressed… and it was just the general area! It’s not even the exhibition halls yet! So just imagine how amazed I was when we’re finally inside!

I was so focused finding the snitch and getting my passport stamped and just enjoying the whole experience, you know? Until we got to the Gringotts Wizarding Bank.

This part of the studio was newly built and it looked so polished. I told R that we should take a picture so I asked one of the HP personnel to take a picture of us. When he did, I was about ready to go when R approached the guy and whispered something to him and gave that person his phone.

I gotta admit that in hindsight, that was actually very suspicious but I didn’t think much of it until R turned serious, knelt in front of me and took out this velvet box and inside was an engagement ring!

I was stunned!!!! I can’t believe it was actually happening! So when he asked me if I would be his wife, my reply was, ‘Are you sure?’


I know that was a dumb reply but remember, months before this happened, he kept on saying he’s not ready to settle down yet so I was really, seriously, mislead!!!

Apparently, prior to the trip, he already asked my mom and dad’s blessing. He also told his plans of proposal to my siblings and surprisingly, these people actually kept it a secret all this time!!! So the proposal was really so shocking for me!!!!

Anyway, when I said yes, I reached for his hand with my right hand so I can pull him up. And the freakin’ weirdo took the same hand to put the ring on!!! He put it on my right finger! Hahahahhaha! He did say that he was really, really nervous that time so he blanked out. I was to! Especially in front of people, it was just really embarrassing for me, you know? But hey, it was still a memorable event! And the person who helped record the moment was so happy for us strangers as well. Hahaha!

The Harry Potter proposal earned us an exclusive Proposal pin badges as well! It was so sweet of them to impart it to us. Haha!

Ghad… that day was just… wow. It’s almost two weeks since then and I still can’t believe I’m engaged! Haha!

I’m just really happy and I want to cherish the moment for a little bit longer…