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Dreamweaver Noob.

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I’ve been working on this shit since yesterday!!! If I didn’t have the sense to meet up with my friend so he could impart his knowledge with me, I honestly don’t know if I’ll even survive this tormenting project by myself…

If you were taught simple html when you were in HS, good for you! Because I, on the other hand, only learned of its existence two weeks ago! So just imagine how clueless I was as our Professor had a run through of our weekly activities concerning this program…

I feel so sorry for my friend… I was really at lost with all the gibberish he was saying yesterday… And Dreamweaver was made specifically for lazy people like me supposedly. I feel like it’s still some advance shizz… But I’m still glad that after everything, I was able to endure it and I think I was able to do what was asked of us… Just feeling a little iffy. You know how your teacher gives you a seeming innocent assignment, too simple in fact, and then you find out later on that all the students have different interpretations of said assignment… And you were left even more clueless than before…

Oh gawd, so frustrating!!!

Our Web Design subject is possibly the only subject I am most afraid of… I actually do allot most of my time just to cater with all of our requirements for this subject! The coding itself is just so… UGH!!!! Tomorrow, we’ll prolly go to the mall. I do plan on buying self help books that I can read, to help me gain more knowledge…

Still, even if what I’m doing now is crap, I think for that whole 2 weeks we were handling Dreamweaver, I feel like I have improved so much. Although I’m taking it slow, at least I’m starting to figure out stuff for myself… Oh gawd, I do hope I can keep it up.. I’ve been more patient than usual..

Still, I’m at my limits!

I spent the whole day working on this shizzzz so I guess nobody can blame me if I choose to relax now.. Still needa watch some Khuntoria episodes!!!!

Ja ne!

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Fast Facts:

It’s bad enough that I’m dysLEXIEc… Aside from that, I don’t even bother to check/edit anything that I write… So I’m very sorry for all those people who had to endure reading such crappy stuff from moi… |||OTL