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Jessica Baseball Opening Pitch

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It was actually a few weeks back when Jessica was invited to do the opening pitch for LG Twins and Samsung Lions but due to some unforeseen circumstances, the date was moved at a later date. On May 11, she finally graced the field with her Goddess self. Despite her traditional baseball shirt, baseball hat, skinny jeans, pink rubber shoes and loose curls, her beauty impressed the crowd and I swear to God, those mascots who were accompanying her must be having the time of their lives!!!

As she entered the field, she made sure to take a 90 degree bow at all angles before her pitch (kinda surprised the mascot, too). It was really polite and sweet of her to do so :3

To be honest, I didn’t expect much from her. As a SONE, everybody knows that Jessica isn’t the athletic type of person. She doesn’t even like sweating, claims to be bestfriends with the airconditioner and a resident Lazy Girl. But when I saw the pictures attached to an article regarding her open pitch, I took a bold move and change my mind thinking that Jessica might just do the impossible. I was thinking, probably Jessica would show her hidden athleticism like she did during a special episode of Dream Team with SNSD.

And so, with YoonA’s decent opening pitch:


Yuri’s excellent pitch (along with Sooyoung as the batter ; skip to 4:10)


I was kinda expecting something along the line during Jessica’s turn. I mean AFTERALL, she did have amazing cover story pictures enough to change one’s mind:



Did you see that?

Did you see what just happened? What the heck! What was the use of having that professional look only to end it with a SUPER EPIC FAILED PITCH?! What was I even thinking about her proving everybody wrong with her deceiving professional pose, as if she’ll turn out to be an amazing athlete out there?!

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting something spectacular from our Lazy Girl Jessica but really, that pitch EXCEEDED all of my expectations… HAHA!!!! Y U no ask help from your husband Yul??? HAHA!!! OMG… Seriously dying here!!!

If there’s something amazing about Jessica, it’s her ability to switch from being the hawt chic on the field to being downright embarrassment of the whole wide world in the span of three seconds — TOPS!


And while I was at it, I read some comments (as usual). It’s so entertaining I just have to share it witchu guys! NO EDIT! :3

bronzenrule: But seriously, what with Yuri speaking french, Sooyoung talking about the virtues of wearing high-waisted pants, and TaeTiSeo singing Banan ~ potato, Jess was really feeling left out and had to do something to turn attention her way. Mission accomplished! xD (AN: Saw each of the other member’s clip, not to mention Yoona’s recent kissing scene with JGS. He literally devoured YoonA! But that aside, OMG! I wouldn’t doubt this statement at all!)

MrKidLeader: oh God.. that professional pose and that failed throw LOLLOL so sica (AN: I was reminded of ‘Sica Effect’ at the most unexpected moment…)

hudd310: haha i bet other 8 girls must be laugh hardly when they see this. LMAO and i imagine sooyoung, yoona, hyoyeon imitations XD (AN: Those three wouldn’t just let this one go! DEFINITELY NOT! Yuri would be sure to pipe in)

bronzenrule: lol Oh, our Sica. Everything was perfect – the look to home plate, the beginning stance and the windup – and then came the pitch xD (AN: Jessica, forever exceeding our expectations… HAHA!)

iduncare21: LMAO! when she started doing those professional pose, i thought the ball would go very far but it didn’t.. XD (AN: I was actually too stunned to automatically ROFL at first… It took me a second before I died of laughter. HAHA!)

TheLordKimberley: sica slogan used “never run no matter how late you are”, is now “be cute no matter how fail you are” (AN: About accurate :3)

I was expecting that today’s highlight would be Hyoyeon’s amazing Jive routine for Dancing With The Stars


But as soon as I saw Jessica’s clip, that was just it… HAHA! It took just THAT to make my day…

And then that sexy walk of shame…

FYI, this event was actually on KBS Sports 9 News. Just saying… :3

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