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SNSD: I Got A Boy Doodles

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Whenever I am on my Artist Mode, Lexie is the happiest! And lately, I’ve been on a total Artist Mode so Lexie has been very happy. I don’t know how it happened. At first, I just wanna draw a chibi Taeyeon from the DKFC event since I don’t want to waste my moleskine by not using it. So ta-dah!



And then, by some twist of fate, even though I was a bit unsatisfied with my first drawing, I was compelled to do more. So, gearing up, I drew two additional picture for this series consecutively.




I could say that I enjoyed the challenge of creating pictures through speedy drawing. Especially when I saw the end product of the Taeyeon and Jessica drawing, not looking half as bad.

I was more than determined to continue this. Watch me!



So the following days, I’ve rummaged through the internet looking for a perfect picture I could imitate to draw. There were several so it was quite tough to choose amongst them. It wasn’t tedious though :3 So the third drawing I did was that of Hyoyeon. I knew the details on her jacket would be a pain but surprisingly, it didn’t look weird.



And then, I kinda tried drawing a different view. So with YoonA, I tried drawing her in a side profile. Drawing side views is one of my weaknesses TBH. Did it show in this picture terribly? If it did, then just concentrate on the way I drew and colored her hair :3 It’s unfortunate I wasn’t able to capture the pink streak on her hair through this pic so maybe I’ll just show you the original picture next time… HAHA!



And then Sunny!!! Man!!! I had a hard time choosing a picture  to use for her coz man… Her pictures are all so hard to draw. I’m not even kidding… And she’s sporting a short hair. How was I supposed to interpret that?. Well, I still don’t know how I managed to finish this picture but I did and I’m happy. Not bad, huh? (I enjoy drawing oversized shirt worn by girls)



I wanted to use a different Seohyun picture to draw but I was not in the mood to draw detailed hands so fuck it. I shall try another time ❤  I swear! Lexie don’t lose hope!



And then wee~

Finally a drawing of Sooyoung!!!! This is my first time actually drawing Sooyoungie properly and I am very satisfied. Except for the random smudges, I think this was pretty pretty good. Wow, I actually said that with my own mouth… How shameless can I get?



And then also for the first time, I was able to draw Yuri. Without meaning to, I guess it shows how Yuri is at the bottom of my bias list. Not that I don’t like her, okay? I just feel the least attachment to her. ANYWAY, it’s a bit dejecting that this picture looks so retarded compared to the others and I didn’t realize my error until I finish everything! Isn’t it such a sad life? Don’t worry, I’ll draw her again and hopefully better the next time…



And finally our Fany Fany Tiffany!!! Gosh, I wish I can redraw this picture again but I can’t so I’ll just accept the way I drew her animé eyes so unattractively… I made it too large and now, I couldn’t even show her eye smile.. *sigh* But it doesn’t look that bad, right? RIGHT? Te-hee! The only thing that matters was that I was able to draw everyone.

And I guess there you have it. All nine girls in one epic post. I had a lot of good memories drawing all them and I would like to do it next time. Maybe I’ll think of another prompt. Maybe I’ll start drawing BoA in different eras. Whatchu think? HAHA!!! I’ll look into it in the future. So hang on for more Sexy Artist Lexie!