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New Friend.

In Everyday,Fun,Life,Personal on July 21, 2012 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , ,

Well, I have a new friend. I haven’t met him personally as of yet but we started talking since last night.

He’s a friend of a friend. 27 years old, Accountant. *cough* (Sidney’s somewhat close to that very description… But seriously, talking about a different person this time)

It’s been a while since my friend kept on telling me she’s going to introduce someone to me. I was supah perplexed the first time she mentioned it because even though I have this laid back personality, who seems to get along with everybody, I am actually extremely shy meeting new people especially of a different sex. This is no different, of course. Even more so that it’s like a prelude to a possible you-know-what.

I was having mixed feelings when my friend asked me if she can give my number to Ian. Eventually, I said yes. I was thinking then that I’ll just fake my confidence and talk in a carefree manner to build a foundation for our budding friendship.

I’m so glad though that when he texted me, it didn’t seem like a burden to befriend him. This was what his first messages was:

“Hi gud eve Lexie? I’m Ian friend of Jen’s.. :-)”

He properly introduced his name and addressed my name, too. That was a really good opening. It wasn’t cocky and definitely polite. And the intent to befriend me was already lingering in his message.

Next thing I know, I was talking to him over sms from the time I wake up to now!!!!! It’s been a whole day exchanging messages!!! And I was incredibly surprised, too when he even texted me “good morning” at 6ish in the morning when he was on his way home. Waking up to a good morning message was, I admit, very flattering. I was really smiling reading his message while replying because it was such a thoughtful act :3

Oh well, I’m not jumping into conclusion. I really just wanna talk to him.  I know it’s only been 2 days but so far, so good.

HAHA!!! Hopefully we’ll get to meet personally soon :3

Wish me luck!