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Good Food, Good Movie

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Today, R and I had my favorite Tofu dish! Yay!!! It’s been a while and I really miss it. I ate a looooot of food! Oh well, it’s my cheat day today so it should be… fine.


Anyway, after a hearty lunch, we went straight to the movies and you guessed it (okay fine, maybe not)! We watched Crazy Rich Asians!!! And wow! That movie was actually really great!

I mean sure, the cliché will always be there. Like I said before, there’s no original story anymore, it’s just a matter of delivery, but this movie did really well!!!

It’s funny and witty and tackled Asian issues that really happens in real life (you don’t really have to be rich to get those social or family issues).

I really do think that the cast was amazing!

I especially like how they filmed the amazing wedding scene! It’s prolly, by far, the most amazing and romantic wedding scenes I’ve ever seen in my lifeeee! Ugh!!!

And the mahjong scene too. The exchange of words between the mom and Rachel, it was so powerful!!! I literally had tears in my eyes that I need to wipe! Haha!

All in all, I really recommend you to see it! If I can rewatch it again, I actually will!!! Woot! (And ghad, I was so shocked to see Kris Aquino in it too! I squealed!)

And then we had Mexican food for dinner and dessert at Culver’s! I had to have my ice cream, you know? I’m obsessed!

So yeah, great day all in all.

I’m staying at R’s house so I’ll prolly force him to watch Produce48 with me. Yay!