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Iceberg Lettuce

In Everyday on September 23, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , ,

Nobody woke me up to prepare for church so I didn’t get the chance to buy my food for the week since R and I skipped grocery yesterday. Eep!

So instead, I walked to Jewel today to do some quick grocery.

I was planning on getting avocados but the pack was already overripe and the piece price is too much. Ugh. So at first, I picked up strawberries coz they are keto friendly but then saw the iceberg lettuce and they are only 49 cents each!!! That’s a steal!

So I grabbed two and sent R a torrent of messages asking him how to prepare it? Same as the way his dad do it because it’s so good! Haha!

welp, for my first time, I think I actually fid a pretty good job! There are better keto friendly vegetables out there but I don’t think Iceberg lettuce is a bad choice :3 cant wait to eat it for lunch!

But ugh. I don’t think I ate a lot today. Plus, most of the food I ate are full of carbs… I’m so screwed for tomorrow. Oh well, towel.