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Well, that’s THAT.

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Yesterday was really stressful for me.

I may have stayed the whole day at home but then again, I had to endure talking to strange people over the internet. It was mentally draining since we kept on talking about useless stuff that isn’t even related to business. And then after everything, he screws me over by ¬†lowering my artist fee. He had the knack to do so after trampling a part of myself. Like seriously, no matter what kind of picture I post up, whether I end up being a tranny in the end, whatnot, that doesn’t give him or anybody the right to dismiss me with just that reason for a job I know I can do well.

Don’t you think it’s a bit silly? Stupid? HAHA!

TBH, I’m not even mad that he literally made me feel unattractive. But the fact that my looks had to be my saving grace for employment, instead of trusting my skills is just…


What a roller coaster ride. Everything I had to go through and he’s not even gonna hire me?! Fuck that shit. But you know what, through that experience, I come to realize that you may be desperate to get something (such as a job, maybe) but despite everything, you should never ever compromise or look down on yourself.

You need them but you don’t need them to make you feel bad about yourself. Forget it.

That was ridiculous and borderline creepy anyway.


If it were anybody else besides me, who had to go through that exasperating skype chat (tho we didn’t do the video thing for long thank gawd!), they would probably be scarred for life. LOL!

But seriously, how can they ever doubt my beautiful face just coz I gained a few pounds?! Kekekeke!




I’m sorry to burst your bubble but I’m not gonna change myself just coz you tell me to do so. In case you missed it, there’s such thing as being comfortable with your own skin.

And if I do want to change or shed a little bit of my fat, it’s because I want it. Not because of you, goddammit.

Oh well towel~