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Indiana… maybe?

In Everyday,Life on July 30, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , ,

So obviously, because my sister is gonna be here for just a short time for visit, she wanted to do everything she can and meet with everyone she wants.

One of them is a friend from South Carolina. They’ll be traveling from their hometown to Indiana. That’s 10 hours! Since Indiana is relatively close to Illinois, my sister asked if we can meet with her friend.

There’s no problem meeting with her friend. Going there IS the problem because I can’t drive and nobody else can take us. My brother has an event and Ray is not good with long distance driving.

I know that she really wants to push it through even if she doesn’t tell me so just in case, I checked greyhound. Only, they would charge us 101$ for the ticket back and forth, same day.


So I asked Brian if maybe he’s free that day. I’ll hire him basically. Pay him 50$ to drive my car to the place and I’ll buy him his meals, too.

He said he can do it! But we just need to confirm the plan so he can plan on his end too so yeah. I told him we’ll let him know on Wednesday or Thursday but I’m still waiting for my sister to coordinate with her friend so we’re a bit on a limbo.

Oh well. If that doesn’t push through, we’ll prolly just go bowling. Haha! We’ll see

So yeah, it’s still a maybe.