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It’s almost over!

In Everyday,Fandom,Fun,Life,Personal,Rant on October 28, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , , , ,

I was sketching the last few pictures imma do for Inktober and ghad, I can’t wait until it’s finally over!!!

It’s always so tough to keep up with these challenges because you really need to put aside time for it.

But I’m actually proud that most of the artworks I drew this year are mostly decent! Yay!

I was able to experiment more with coloring style and lineart. I really like it! Although I noticed that the likes I’ve been getting have dwindled… Idk what happened since I tag my work the same. Hmm…

Maybe I really need to work on my tags. I’ve been talking about it with my brother and he told me that I need to make my tags a little bit more specific instead of using very general tags and drown in a see of more awesome artists.


But I’m also conflicted with the fact that I really don’t like to tag sooooo much. It’s just not my style but oh well… I need to concede if I want to be more out there. We’ll see.