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BoA’s Fan

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Since BoA’s debut, I’ve been a fan of her for 10 years. It was all
An accident, really. Inu Yasha was hella popular and at the time, BoA’s song ‘Every Heart’ was featured in the said animé. I searched for the song OL and found out the singer behind it to be BoA. When I learned she’s almost the same age as me, I couldn’t help but to admire her even more!!!


And before I know it, I’ve been a fan for this long.

I’m the type of fan that is very loyal. If I like a certain fandom, I stick to it! Being a BoA fan is no different.

But then lately, I started liking this certain girl group, So Nyu Shi Dae.


It felt……. Weird. For so many years, I filled my existence with only BoA. From interviews, performances, variety shows, concerts, CDs, dance tutorials…. Everything has to be BoA!

I wasn’t interested with anything else until late last year. And i swear to God, the freakin’ fanmade ‘Get to know Taeyeon’ vids on youtube seriously caught me off guard. It was because of that that I started becoming a fan of SNSD!!!

And I feel guilty….! I feel guilty because I update myself with anything SNSD while I only depend on Twitter when it comes to BoA… Grrrrr!!!! I forgot the feeling of having other addictions…

And when I get addicted, it’s some serious business…



Oh my goodness, I forgot about everything thanks to SNSD! Grrrr!!! So influential to me!!! But later today, imma be on my artist mode so please Lexie-chan, do good! Haha!!! Do what’s important! Prioritize!!!

BoA before SNSD!!!

Hahaha! Useless ranting is useless


– – –

Fast Fact:
I love necklaces!!! If I have the luxury to buy any necklaces I want, I’ll
Have a freakin’ massive collection by now!!!!