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SNSD’s Jessica

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As you probably know, at the break of dawn, a cryptic message was posted on Jessica’s weibo account.



Because this came in without warning or whatsoever, people assumed (and prayed) that Jessica’s account was compromised and honestly, I wished fervently for this to be the case.

Because no.

I cannot imagine a world without OT9. It’s an idea that shouldn’t even exist.

But then it happened and it was so devastating…

SM’s official statement came in so much later today (and everybody was at the edge of their seats, waiting to be proven wrong. That this was instead, a hackers doing) but then pictures from their airport departure featuring all the girls BUT Jessica kinda confirmed whatever it is we feared that won’t EVER happen.

There is no more OT9.

And it hurts. It hurts so sooooo much.

They were a package. We saw the love they have for each other. The love we came to recognize and admire between the nine of them.

They were supposed to be indestructible.

That’s why it hurts because in a way, we felt betrayed. I still believe in Soshi bond but the fact that this still happened despite that is still so heartbreaking.

I’m sure there are reasons and factors we still don’t (and won’t) know but at this time, I can’t help but really be mad at SME. I feel like the way they tackled this issue was lacking finesse and the timing was so terrible! Couldn’t they have waited until Tokyo Dome concert was over? It was the ultimate dream…

Jessica’s dream…

She worked just as hard for it, too so why… Why totally exclude her for something she deserves?

What was the point of them renewing their contract for another three years if you’re still kicking her out of her group. And goddamit. She didn’t want to leave. This is different.

I see that her wanting SNSD, Blanc and her schooling may be selfish. You can’t have it all. But isn’t she at least entitled to try it out first before completely shutting the idea of her juggling everything? Who knows what the future holds.

The whole thing was just so unfair. I know we can never be prepared for a disbandment but this… This is pure fuckery… So she’s out of SNSD but is still part of SME like seriously… Can they make everything even more complicated and awkward for everybody?

I wanted to say so much more, really. But I’m so devastated and emotional and affected by the whole thing that I know I don’t even make sense anymore but damn….

This will take time getting used to.

Nobody hurts more than those 9 beautiful girls so I at least wish that despite this, they’ll find their inner peace and true happiness…

Right now is Girls’ Generation.
In the future is Girls’ Generation.
Forever Girls’ Generation!