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Dream K-POP Fantasy Concert

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Hello everybody!!!

It’s been a while :3

Well, a couple of days ago, I attended a K-pop event at Megamall. I went by myself but that’s okay. I can fend for myself and it’s really not a big of a deal.

Anyway, I didn’t know where Megamall’s Activity Center was (or whatever that even means) at the time but I didn’t want that to hinder myself for making this experience memorable. But then, it wasn’t really so hard locating the place because of thousands of people screaming for their oppars and unnirs from said gathering. I just needed to follow those voices and find my way.

I expected that they would set up booths and stuff but really, it was just an event where people could pre-register for the concert. I thought at the time I could buy my ticket but guess not (they moved the date for the ticket sale). Still, it wasn’t a waste coming there even for the experience because really, everybody was on fire!!! You can feel the energy of the crowd and it was crazy!!! I felt that I belong! It was the same thing when I go to Anime events.

I know I’ve been a k-popper since I became a BoA stan (and then eventually an SNSD fan) but I felt so little alongside these new wave of k-poppers!!! Oh gawd, they know EVERYTHING!!!! I, on the other hand, could not even relate to them. To be honest, 95% of the videos featured in the event were my first time seeing them… I know… Pathetic… And I thought I should be elite status by now. HAHA!!!

But that won’t stop me from enjoying!

I loved being there! It would be much better if I were with a fellow K-pop fan but I won’t fuss over it too much because just being there was enough to pump anybody! The cheers! The screams! The crazy atmosphere! Oh gawd, I want all of them!!!

Since I only know SNSD, the crowd cheering for them was my most favorite :3

They played the music video for “Into The New World” and I felt so emotional. I thought imma cry *sniff*

You see, it was the very song that started SNSD’s career in 2007. For all these kids to know about this song was amazing in itself. And the crowd knew the fan chants, too!!! I know they weren’t even the real thing… heck, we were just watching a friggin’ music video! But as we chanted each of the members name after their solo parts.. That was just the best feeling ever… And it seems like Hyoyeon was a crowd favorite.. Ohhh!!! My BB deserves it!!!

Also, one of the highlights of the event was the dance cover showdown!!!! There were several groups but there’s definitely one that stood out amongst all of those that performed. Watch for yourself!!!! (I did quite an admirable job with my fancam. HAHA!)



These kids are prolly between 15-17 years old but OMG, I couldn’t help but spazz over them! They were incredibly talented!!! And even dancing to the remix version of “Into The New World”?!??!?!!!? OMG, I see a bright future ahead of them! I wanted to take their pictures too but I couldn’t find them anywhere when the event ended… Ugh! I wasn’t even able to catch the name of their group!!! It’s so frustrating! Imma hunt them down, you’ll see!!!

[EDIT: I now know the name of this group!!!! 9for9!!! Make sure to check them out! They’re awesome!]

Gosh, I’m just too ecstatic! I wish it’s 2013 already! I wanna see my Soshi gurls!!! HAHA!!!

In case anybody’s interested in attending this event, make sure to check out Dream K-pop Fantasy Concert’s Official Website for news and updates! Or hit me up if you’re going coz I’m going by myself again. I’d like it if I’ll have a companion. LOL. Useless plugging but just in case.

Oh well, towel~



Here’s another dance cover clip of 9for9 dancing the normal version of Into The New World. I have the video, too but the beginning was cut so posting this instead.



– – –

Fast Fact:

I’ve always told myself that if I get the time and money to spend, I would seriously go to a dance school and learn the art of dancing because dancing is about the only thing I really want to learn no matter what! I’m a frustrated dancer!!! I hate it that I can’t dance! Ugh! Dancing… Dancing… Dancing…………. *booty shake*