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This Fucker (aka The Bestfriend)

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Currently on hold coz other bestfriend’s on Skype (and the two are talking at the moment, conference isn’t working properly). That’s why I decided to write this for the meantime.

So…. yeah. A few days ago, an official announcement finally reached the world when the bestfriend posted her change of status on FB.

The bestfriend is now engaged!!!!


I know I learned about it, officially, a little too late than others, but I am seriously so happy for Krys and Eric!!! I mean, they are meant to be together no doubt and it’s just really something that made me so, soooo happy!

It’s long overdue!!! LOLOLOLOLOL!

Anyway, we finally had our Skype date, like I said, just talking about the event that lead to their engagement and random stuff. Kyah! Spazzing every time I get the chance coz I’m, genuinely happy for them! But the bestfriend would of course find ways to ruin the moment for me (not that it worked) so, she sent me a link about this article:

Biggest Fears of the Single Woman



For all you people who doesn’t know me, I’m already 25 and very much single. I know that by now, I should be having a more than stable relationship with an opposite sex but I don’t even have someone to go on dates or more accurately, I don’t even go on dates. I don’t have that. And as if that’s not enough, two of my bestfriends (oopppsss, one is an ex-bestfriend) are married (one of them even has a daughter now!) and then ‘dalla just got engaged.

Where does that leave me now? The friend who is “forever alone“?


Now look at that. I know normal people are supposed to be depressed being in this kind of situation but why am I just so nonchalant about it? I’m not saying I don’t want to be in any relationship coz who wouldn’t  want that? It’s just… I’m too happy for them to be bothered, really :3


Still, I’m just glad everything’s going well for all those people I care about. I know in due time my time’s gonna come. HAHA! Who knows, right?

So yeah, Congratulations again Bestfriend!!!!! I was kidding when I said you’re a fucker. I love you too much ❤