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K-Pop Star: Choi Yegeun

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I honestly don’t know how to express my admiration for Choi Yegeun.

K-Pop Star started airing a few months ago and throughout the competition, there is this one girl who have been catching my attention time and time again. She doesn’t stand out because she has a pretty face admittedly (but she is not even bad looking to begin with!) but her oddity and weird gestures have always been eye catching. Well I guess that’s what makes Yegeun so memorable ❤



^ This was her audition piece. Looking at her for the very first time definitely didn’t interest me. But when she started singing her song and belting all those high notes (as she displayed her swag on the keyboards) seriously blew me away! And the way she moved (despite the fact that she was just sitting down) was really entertaining and gained her the judges’ favor. She was exceptional. That’s for sure ❤



^ And then this particular perf was just so lovable!!! Gave me the chills from beginning to end!!! Mind you that she doesn’t have any proper or intense piano lessons but she keeps on arranging the songs by herself and continuously coming up with such great melody every time! This was JYP’s song but even YG acknowledges that she sang this song better than the original. HAHA. What a troll! But seriously though, she really can capture the crowd with her charisma :3



^ And then this brat started impressing us yet again! As much as works fine by herself, she proved that she can also be part of the group. Their harmonization as they performed this song was commendable! And I love how Yegeun looked so fashionable here!!! Gosh!!! I can’t get enough of her!



^ And gawd, she’s so adorable, too!!! Her peculiar mannerisms are so precious omfg… And she makes sure she owns the song and not just blatantly copy it! That’s definitely her charm and I have nothing to say about that… She’s perfect and she deserved clearing all the stages of this competition. And quite honestly, I’ve never heard any bad comments about her except that she’s predictable. Bitch, please. Don’t confuse her style for being predictable. SMH.



^ And as if we can’t get enough, she freakin’ sang this song. And that’s really ambitious! I mean, who would’ve thought right? But Yegeun is an expert in surprising everyone that I shouldn’t have expected any less from her :3 By far, this is my most favorite performance of her. TBH, I don’t even like this song but this performance was so good that I had this on replay the whole day! My brother got so mad coz it was all I ever listened to. Hihihi :3 And FYI, this got her the slot for the Top 10! Not that I didn’t expect her to enter the roster but still :3



^ And then! Yesh, yet again, we see another Choi Yegeun transformation!!!! Damn, this guuuurrrllll freakin’ sang a BoA song!!!! Like OMFG!!!! It’s like a dream come true!!! I love how everything about her changed. From wardrobe to style and the whole stage itself. For this episode, she started off playing with the piano and then she suddenly stopped, stood up from her seat and walked in the middle of the stage as dancers graced the stage together with her! OMFG! She’s a natural performer!!! She didn’t showcase a lot of big dance moves but it’s not awkward watching her either. Given a more hyper stage would prolly show us more of what she’s got. But man, her confidence was almost palpable. I loved it and it blew me away! Yikes!!! I have yet to watch the whole episode but so far, I’m gonna put my faith on her shoulders. HAHA!!!

The thing is, she really does have a golden voice and great musicality within her. Her song interpretations are always something I look forward to and the way she surprises us everytime is so exciting! Man, I would like to see her grow more from this competition and maybe in the near future, see her actually greeting the world as an official singer. Gosh, I would like for that to happen ❤

Choi Yegeun, FIGHTING!!!




^ Apart from Choi Yegeun, I seem to have a soft spot for YouU. They are really a talented bunch with the looks as well! They really do have a future as a potential idol group in the future but that besides the point, I super freakishly enjoyed their performance of “Only One”!!!

Gosh… I’m glad I watched this season… A lot of talented people joined the competition and I’m just so soooo happy!!! K-Pop Star season 2 FIGHTING!