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I Got Played

In Life,Personal,Rant on January 22, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , ,

If you’ve been following my daily blogging, you’ll know that I have two major trips this year. I’m going to Japan in April and I’m going to New York with my siblings and Ray on August.

That said, I’d definitely need decent amount of pocket money.

And so, the only way I can get extra money is if I work over time.

I try to grab any opportunity that will give me over time so when my boss asked if I can come in on the weekend, I said yes of course!

And so, I cut my time short with Ray yesterday because I have to go to work. I worked diligently and got 16 units out within 4.45 hours. That’s good!

But when I came to work today, the same boss who asked me to come in on a weekend, told me that we can’t really incur any over time so since I already worked almost 5 hours yesterday, he asked me to leave one hour earlier every day to kinda cancel out the hours I worked ON MY FUCKING DAY OFF.

OHHHHHHHHH, I wasn’t very happy about that.

I didn’t spend precious time working to be played like this. I freakin’ messaged my boss that day and he could’ve said this (then I could’ve enjoyed my weekend even more) but nooooooooooo, I had to waste time and energy for something that will not reward me in the end. (Sorry, I’m not that pure to say I’d do extra work out of my good heart without any return.)

And because I’m not the confrontational type of person, I’ll prolly retaliate passive-aggressively.

Watch me.