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Being Diagnosed as a Pre-Diabetic Young Woman

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Last year, after my Japan Trip in April, I was scheduled for my yearly preventative exam.

As usual, I had a physical exam and blood test. Who would have thought that when I got the result for my exam, I would suddenly be pre-diabetic.

I really didn’t expect it! I was just 31 years old! Sure, it’s in the family and I was a bit overweight but man… I got really scared! I did not expect it!

So quite abruptly, I changed my diet and got into Keto Diet as you’ve prolly read already and yeah, I’m still on it! Since I started my diet, I lost 14lbs already! I know it’s not much but it’s a big deal for me!

Unfortunately, I don’t have much fat to lose so I’m stuck at 114lbs but still, it’s the best weight I’ve ever been at in several years and I felt energetic and healthy!

I love this new lifestyle! I also make it a point to exercise. Be it at the gym, at the gym, or walking around the neighborhood since it’s warm enough to do so.

And today, I’m trying something new. I’m doing a lemon strawberry water detox!!! Lemon has always been known as a great detox regimen and so imma try it out for the very first time.

But unlike the others, I’ll just do a simple one where I drink a cup in the morning and in the evening. I’ll still have my usual meals but yeah. Gonna do this from now on! Hope I can commit with it!

(I am not good at estimating and I may have added too many lemons in there but oh well, towel. Guess I’ll jus replenish it before I changed the fruits in it. Haha!)